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Are you a Mac (or a PC)?

I first saw this film (see the bottom of the post) on JAKEisblogging. And I thought that I would share it some more.

So. Pretty much, there are two types of people in the world. The Macs and the PCs. And, before you ask, I do lump all Linux and what-ever-else in with PCs. Now this isn’t a distinction that I would have readily supported until June 2010. Can you guess what happened in June 2010?

My pre-June 2010 self was perfectly happy with my (relatively expensive) Hewlett-Packard desktop PC. It did pretty much what I needed it to do. Not with much grace, and it did make quite a fuss about it, but it did the job. I also had a Linux net-book that I used for out and about work. It did exactly what I needed. It had a web browser and it did simple word processing. I could write essays, and then just transfer them onto my PC for a bit of last-minute sprucing up. And it was blue (not that I’m a girl or anything – ‘do you know what type of car it was’ / ‘yes officer, it was a red car’). I had an iPod (begrudgingly) and was not that interested in anything else Mac (having paid through the nose for an mp3 player).

So roll on June 2010. I suddenly needed a Mac for work. I ummed and ahhed. Saved and … well, saved. And then the decision was made. I would get a Macbook Pro and sell my desktop (thank goodness for eBay). And if it all went wrong and I couldn’t get along with the Macbook Pro, then I’d have to change back. It had to be tried. Hopefully everything would be ok. I had no experience of Macs, but I had a friend who had recently converted, and I was just a little envious seeing him using his LOVELY new Mac all the time.

So the happy day arrived. A bit like my wedding day, but without the flowers. I joined in eternal partnership with my lovely new Macbook Pro. It took me a LONG TIME to even get it out of the box. The box was so lovely. I liked just looking at the box. Touching it. But eventually, I got on with the un-boxing (no, I didn’t film it). Everything about the Macbook was as promised. Beautiful silver casing. Glowing apple on the lid. Lovely keyboard. Stunning screen.

It took me about a fortnight to get used to the mac-ness of everything, but I was soon a total convert. I migrated my whole life over to Mac. My emails. My websites. My media. My whole existence. I even got an iPhone for full integration. And I’ve never looked back to the old world of PC. My lovely Macbook is all I need.

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So one year on. How is everything? Well, the Mac looks every bit as lovely as it did on that very first day. The brushed aluminium body is unmarked (and I do travel with my Mac a fair bit, so this is good going), the screen is as bright and colourful as it should be. Again, unmarked. I got some excellent screen cleaner for a few stubborn marks that had appeared over the year, and now it is as it once was. It works fast. It works well. The level of integration between all the different software programmes is great. You can access other media and files from within the individual programmes. Less fussing about altogether.

And I’m a pretty heavy computer user. I’m working on this thing at least eight hours a day. And I’m uploading, downloading, and working in several programmes simultaneously. All the time. And it copes. It gets a bit hot under the collar sometimes, but it copes. Which is more than could have been said for my expensive PC (which frequently closed it’s eyes and drifted off into a coma).

So. I promised a film. What is it then? Well, it is obviously made by Apple (or someone firmly in favour of all things Apple), but it shows the machining of the unibody – the single piece of aluminium that frames the Macbook Pro. And it is a beautiful thing. Watch. Be happy.

Summer Bucket List

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This post was inspired by Stoop Mama’s recent Summer Bucket List post.

So the idea is that the following list includes 50 things that I would like to achieve this summer (or – should make myself do – as I’m supposed to do them anyway, but usually can’t be bothered)…

  1. Learn not to itch mosquito bites (however itchy they might be)
  2. Get some mosquito repellent for the house
  3. Water the garden EVERY day (otherwise it WILL die)
  4. Remember to deadhead the flowers so they will keep flowering
  5. Continue p*****ing the mice (so that THEY will die) – and yes, the asterisks do make me feel better about this homicidal activity
  6. Eat more salad (rather encourage husband to eat more salad so that I will make more salad meals)
  7. Invent interesting salad recipes that don’t seem like salad (to slip past the salad radar)
  8. Eat smaller portions of everything except salad (I am a single, medium-sized human being and should only eat single, medium-sized human being meals)
  9. Drink less tea
  10. Drink more water
  11. Not eat an ice-cream every time I break out in a sweat – it’s summer and there will be a lot of sweat going around
  12. Eat breakfast at breakfast-time and lunch at lunch-time (rather than at 4 o’clock in the afternoon when I meet a deadline)
  13. Eat lunch in the garden to appreciate the lovely flowers
  14. Wear sun tan lotion every time I’m in the sun (even if it’s only for a few minutes)
  15. Not miss tiny streaks when applying sun tan lotion, so that the next day I look like a sunburnt zebra
  16. Sleep through the night at least every other night (if only)
  17. Stay on top of migraines by medicating EARLY, not thinking – ‘oh, I’ll feel better in a minute…’
  18. Exercise a little every day (rather than not at all, ever) with my iPod (so that I at least keep going for three minutes at a time)
  19. Be generous (to people I know I should be generous to, but generally, am not)
  20. Not get excited about Strictly Come Dancing (it is only July, after all)
  21. Not get excited about the new Lee Child book, the new series of House or the new series of Breaking Bad (all hitting the shops in September)
  22. Unplug chargers when they are not charging anything
  23. Switch off lights in empty rooms (not that I was the one who left them on in the first place)
  24. Sell old tech equipment that I don’t really need anymore
  25. Stop jumping out of my skin every time a magpie lands on my windowsill and knocks on my window
  26. Wear different (nice) clothes every day, even though no one see me (in my back office)
  27. Keep on top of the housework (i.e. do some)
  28. Give the house a proper clean before September
  29. Clean all the gloss paint work in the house (including the doors)
  30. Be kind to the washing machine (and remember that in washing-machine-years it is nearly 96 years old)
  31. Be disciplined in my ‘home-working’ and only break for one hour during the day
  32. Stay focussed on work that pays money
  33. Try NOT to launch any great non-money-making schemes for a month or two
  34. Figure out how to hang the curtains in my office, even though the wall appears to be impenetrable to any form of electric drill
  35. Tot up my earnings this year to prove that I’ve earned more so far this year than in the whole of last year, and therefore I am MAKING IT as a freelancer (even though I haven’t earned ‘enough’)
  36. Appreciate not having to top up my Oyster card every day I work from home
  37. Appreciate not having to stand under someone’s armpit on the train/tube every day I work from home
  38. Leave the house at least twice per week (even/especially when I’m working from home)
  39. Not spend more than eight hours per day on the internet (even though I need to for work)
  40. Keep in touch with friends and colleagues
  41. Only have my hair cut by people called Matt (well, one person called Matt, who gets it just right)
  42. Remember to moisturise (I am supposed to be a girl after all)
  43. Not come up with extreme fantasies about the lives of my neighbours based on snippets of overheard conversation
  44. Don’t start daydreaming about holiday until one week before departure
  45. Embrace shopping at Asda to keep the fortnightly grocery bill under £180 (for 2-5 people depending on who’s home)
  46. Stay up to date with the news (yes, that probably means via Twitter)
  47. Find something to be happy about in every situation (even though the situation itself probably sucks)
  48. Find time to be creative for the sake of being creative, rather than trying to cram creativity into dubiously dull briefs
  49. Experiment more
  50. Make sure husband knows how much I love him
All credit to Stoop Mama, this was a hard list to come up with. I’ve made a start on several items on the list, but we’ll have to see how far I get before summer is out.