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A match made … on daytime TV

So last night, I turn on the news to see what’s happening in the world. And guess what the feature is about? I’ll make it easy – here it is as a multiple choice:

  1. A corrupt newspaper chain accused of phone hacking
  2. Corrupt policemen accused of getting paid off by corrupt newspapers to ignore phone hacking
  3. Impending world bankruptcy
  4. Famine taking hold in Africa, threatening millions of lives
  5. A marine asking a movie star out on a date on YouTube

Yep, you guessed it! It was number 5. A marine asking out Mila Kunis from The Black Swan and most recently Friends with Benefits on a date to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball. But the video was kinda cool, so here it is.


So who is this marine?

Well his name is Sgt Scott Moore of the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines and he is currently deployed in Afghanistan.

Why did he do it?

For a dare.

When is the big night?

He has asked Mila to attend the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, which for his battalion will be on November 18th in Greenville, North Carolina.

What happened next?
Well in a truly fairytale-style ending, Mila (on live TV with Justin Timberlake, promoting Friends with Benefits) was put on the spot and cajoled into saying ‘yes’ by a very sporting Justin, repeatedly urging “Do it for your country…”.

So was it just me, or did Justin enjoy that a little too much? Well, guess what happened next!

So will Justin ‘do it for his country’? He’s invited to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball on 12th November in Washington DC with Corporal Kelsey De Santis of the Martial Arts Center for Excellence (MACE) at Marine Corps Base Quantico. There’s even a Facebook page for it:…

Buttery Biscuit Base

Greg Wallace and John Torode, Masterchef

There are few things on this earth as pleasurable, inspiring or down-right important as Masterchef. Any man (I would have said person, but, let’s face it, it’s usually a man) that comes between me and my Masterchef is in for some serious verbal lashing and potentially physical pain.*

Now I wouldn’t say I’m a Masterchef fanatic. I don’t have little John and Greg dolls beside my bed or anything. And I don’t like all the series equally (Masterchef > Celebrity Masterchef > Junior Masterchef > Masterchef: The Professionals), although Monica Galetti has grown on me of late, which might edge The Professionals up the ranking. And I HATED the restyling of the latest series (although, again, this grew on me as the series progressed).

There are many successful elements to the show – the innovative recipes, seeing people on national TV make worse culinary c**k ups than me on a bad day, the human stories of the contestants, the challenges, and of course, the unintentional catchphrases and puns of Greg and John. Well, they might be slightly more intentional now, but I like to think that they started out in all innocence and they were unintentional initially. They couldn’t help but develop this style with the show being so incredibly formulaic (narrator India Fisher must dream Masterchef catchphrases).

So here is a little treat for all Masterchef fans out there – a skilfully edited (and there are a LOT of bad ones out there), funny music video taking the best of John and Greg, and focussing on the ‘buttery biscuit base’. Courtesy of Swede Mason, and thanks to @GarethM for posting the link on Twitter.


* and that includes any husband who books a trip that takes us out of the country on the day of the final