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Rotate Your Owl

I came across this ‘scientific’ footage of a man rotating an owl. I was a bit worried that this seemed like a bit of a cruel experiment – I mean – what if the owl didn’t want to be rotated?!? Apparently this was some type of test to see if the owl would allow its body to be rotated while maintaining a steely glare at the camera. It did.

Anyhow, lot’s of people have enjoyed the clip after I posted it on Facebook, so I think you should get to join in the rotating owl giddiness. Here it is.

Posted on YouTube by MrWeebl. I originally came across this clip thanks to Ben Valsler.


Practice makes perfect (for owls)…

There are many professions where practice makes perfect. Chef, doctor, builder, Jedi knight and secret agent (to name a few). I could go on. There are specific skills that need to be honed. Worked on. Repeated. Endlessly practiced until they become second nature. Onion chopping, resuscitation, laying bricks, light saber swirling and death grip (again to name but a few).

And we often see children practicing adult actions – from sitting alone and walking to coiffing their hair and dressing as adults. But it’s not so often that we get such clear-cut example in animals. Or such cute ones.

Check out this baby owl practicing how to capture its prey. Over and over again. Either that, or the owl is totally psychotic. And is capturing ‘invisible’ mice…


Thanks to Deletrius where I first came across this clip, and to Veloziraptorex who posted the clip on YouTube.