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The Peckham peace wall

Check out this great zoomable picture of the post-riots Peckham peace wall (click on the image to go straight to the BBC zoomable image portal).

Lickety Split

I was reading a friend’s post about the science behind some recent My Little Pony film (or lack of science) and it got me to thinking about my first My Little Pony.

I got given my first My Little Pony on my sixth birthday. For connoisseurs of the colourful plastic toy horses, she was a 1st generation, 3rd year release (it took me ages on Google to figure that out!) pony called Lickety Split. She was a lovely pastel pink colour, with pink curly hair and several ice cream cones on her butt. I don’t have a picture of my own Lickety Split (I think she resides with my parents for grandchildren to play with), but this is what she looked like.


It was really hard to find details about Lickety Split (I even began to doubt remembering her name right), but I found out why. Apparently, when My Little Ponies were released in 1982 they were a big hit. And a big hit the next year. But in the third year, they had a major slump in sales. They discontinued the third year ponies, before coming back later with further ranges of big hit ponies. Consequently, the rarest ponies are from this third year.

So my sixth birthday, and I received Lickety Split. Ripped open the carton and took her out to brush her hair? Nope. Not me. We had a birthday show and tell at our school, and we were supposed to take three birthday presents into school to show the other children. I took my pony, in her unopened carton and carried her around like that all day. Just so that I didn’t lose any bits and pieces out of the package.

There were lots of accessories that you could buy to go with My Little Ponies. Clothes and the like. But we didn’t need them, as my mum fashioned a complete wardrobe for my pony (and my soon to be acquired second pony, and my sister’s two ponies). In fact, we had a whole shoe box of clothes for our ponies. Little velcro saddles and everything. We even had hats with little ear holes.

And those too got a school outing the following year, when we had to take in toys to share during rainy playtimes. No other kids in my school had a shoe box bursting with handcrafted pony fashion.

Anyway. Before I go, I found this little descriptor of Lickety Split.

I was never really interested in the rest of the pony family – my sister had a blue one and a white one with fluorescent hair and wings, and I think my second pony might have been Posy. But boy, were there more out there if you were interested.

Photo from Biochemical Brother (

Thay say – what?

This info graphic has been developed using a set of questions called THAY (Teach Hunch About You – questions on There are about 2000 questions in all, and the website now holds 80 million individual answers. This graphic looks at some of the correlations lurking in the data.

It’s another of those to work through, and see if you fit the categories. I came out about 50/50 based on my answer to the first question in each box. What about you?

(Click on the ‘info’ button below to go to the website and see an enlarged copy of the graphic!)