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Sky Orchestra

The ‘Sky Orchestra’ has come to London this week to help celebrate one year (of manic planning, building, arguing and back-pedalling) before the Olympic Games 2012.

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The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has teamed up with the London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT) to bring UK artist LukeJerram’s Sky Orchestra to the city.

So if you wake up to a strange sound coming from the sky, peek out the window and see if there are any hot air balloons around. An ethereal composition by Dan Jones is being played from seven hot air balloons, with each balloon playing a different element of the musical score. The balloons aim to fly at 500 feet, so that the music will sound great from the ground (or in bed). This is an early morning endeavour, so you’ll miss it if you’re not awake with the birds. If you’re not an early riser though, the team are also aiming for some evening flights (weather permitting).

If you’re still not lucky enough to catch the phenomenon in person, here is a film clip of this morning’s flight.

The project ends on Wednesday 27th July.