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Thay say – what?

This info graphic has been developed using a set of questions called THAY (Teach Hunch About You – questions on There are about 2000 questions in all, and the website now holds 80 million individual answers. This graphic looks at some of the correlations lurking in the data.

It’s another of those to work through, and see if you fit the categories. I came out about 50/50 based on my answer to the first question in each box. What about you?

(Click on the ‘info’ button below to go to the website and see an enlarged copy of the graphic!)


Mac-vs-PC (again)

Following my previous post ‘Are you a Mac (or a PC)?‘, I came across this infographic on (my new favourite site in case you hadn’t noticed. I’ve worked through the data, and I pretty much fall into the Mac category most of the time. I take this as irrefutable evidence that there is such a thing as being ‘mac’ or ‘pc’ – and I’m definitivo ‘mac’!

Take a gander and see where you sit!