Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 2012

Every year, the chilly city of Harbin in the Heilongjiang Province in Northeast China hosts an ice and snow festival – in the grounds of a city built from ice. The whole city and the exhibits are sculpted from stacks of giant ice blocks. Covering 600 000 square metres, a staggering 180 cubic metres of ice are needed to create the cityscape. In addition, 600 000 cubic metres of snow are needed – especially as this has been an unusually warm winter. Typical winter temperatures in Harbin hit -17 degrees celcius, but this year has been a bit warmer with temperatures approaching 0 degrees on some days.

Check out this film about the festival:

A rather enthusiastic nativity

Check out this great nativity film, showcasing the rather loud vocals of one angel. Keep watching to the end – just when you think it can’t get any louder – it real, really does!

The Nativity as you’ve never heard it before…

Check out this beatboxing vicar….