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The Thames with the highest tide I have EVER seen…

On my way from the Tate Modern (yes I go to galleries now) to Chancery Lane for a meeting (and I have meetings too), dressed far too lightly for the very windy conditions.

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Remember the Alamo

I was lucky enough to visit the Alamo in September, and I’ve finally got around to digging out a couple of photos. The trip was made even more memorable by reading Stephen Harrigan’s book ‘The Gates of the Alamo’ while I was there. Even if you’ve never had any interest in the Alamo, it’s a book worth reading. The only problem is, that every time you have to put the book down, you can’t help worrying about what’s happening to the characters in your absence!

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Prague Castle

I recently spent a few days in Prague. The streets were really crowded with tourists, but looking out over the river, you could be the only person there. This is a view of Prague Castle from the Stare Mesto (Old Town) side of the Vltava River. The castle is the low-lying building on the hill, but the spires belong to St Vitus’ cathedral.