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Pepper-spray cop images

The (now infamous) pepper-spray cop has become a bit of a viral meme, popping up in the most unexpected places.

Here are a few of my favourites:

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Check out this webpage for a whole host of photoshop’d pepper-spray cop pictures.

I know it’s only November, but…

I saw this on Momma Be Thy Name’s blog and I couldn’t help myself…

The Shard to get its crown

The Shard at London Bridge Quarter will be the tallest building in Europe, with 79 occupied floors, and a spire adding 23 more floors. The final crane has been raised into position to lift the partly pre-assembled parts of the spire into place. The crane is sitting on a platform attached to floor 55 of the tower, and will lift the 500 tonnes of steel for the spire to the top of the building.

This is the view from the cab of the crane, which in its highest position will be 7 metres higher than the finished building. It is the tallest crane in the UK at 317 metres (1040 feet) above ground level.

Lots of Londoner’s will have seen the meteoric rise of the Shard over the last 18 months, and will remember the previous stubby tower block, and the cavernous hole in the ground when the earthworks began. It’s really exciting to see the project nearing completion, but before we get too carried away by the towering height of the Shard, we should put it in perspective…