Monthly Archives: August 2011

World Trade Centre Reborn (Nearly)

Here is a great infographic from showing the redevelopment of the World Trade Centre site in New York. The memorial will be opened on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy next week.

There is a live webcam recording the progress of the building work at the site here.

Fortune Cookie

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On The Rocks

A while ago now, I came across the most excellent work of On The Rocks – the a cappella men’s choir from the University of Oregon. They are highly entertaining and can be found in all nooks and crannies of YouTube.

The first thing I saw was this recording of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance/Poker Face.

This was such a smash hit, racking up millions of views via multiple recordings and postings online, that they appear to have made an upgraded version. Highly professional, but somehow slightly less entertaining.

It took me ages to figure out who these guys were, but once I did, I came across loads more recordings. So here are a few other tracks for your viewing pleasure.